When I was young I would walk around with a camera in my hand. My little instamatic would go everywhere with me. As I grew older my passion continued and was given a larger camera but film was time consuming and expensive at the time. So I shelved my photography passion to work in Hospitality.

The Journey Begins

Then one day about 11 years ago the passion grew again. This time I had the funds to afford the right equipment and some training so I picked up a camera and dived straight in. Met my wife and we both had this photography passion so we started taking family photo’s and as we grew I was constantly asked to photograph businesses and business people.

Enter now and Corporate Photography is what I love. Helping businesses grow and present themselves and their products professionally is rewarding and challenging. Creating brands is enjoyable and I am lucky that I get to use my skills with lighting and a camera to produce quality¬† photographs that help others. I’m always learning and striving for that perfect photo that tells your story.

Craigh Tiberti